About Us!

Is that Wideo with a W?

Yes! Our name comes from my very first online identity. Back in the day of instant messenger, I was very sad the the screen name "Video-gamer" was taken, so I became Wideogamer.

How It All Started

We started this shop because we love video games, and we love stuff! We collected for our own game room in our first home, but before we knew it, we had too much stuff to fit! Still obsessed with the hunt for cool nerd stuff, we decided to create a shop to share our finds with people of similar interests.


Our Primary Objective 

Our main goal is to provide a unique selection of collectibles to trigger joy, nostalgia and memories of the awesome games and shows you love. Not only that, but we want to see your collections, hear about your interests, and talk about some of the cool things we find out in the world. We hope that our store and pages will provide a laid back platform for people to talk, share, and shop. 


Our Equally Important Side Quest

As collectors, one of the worst feelings is the excitement of opening a freshly delivered package, only to find that the corners on that hard to find Chase Funko are crushed, or your collectors edition Doom has a giant rip in the box. With this in mind, trust that we will do our very best to package items in a way to reduce the risk of damage during transport. Feel free to take a look at our Shipping Policy and Return Policy pages for more details.

What We Look Like











This is what we look like! Currently we are still in the process of designing and building our game room and displaying our massive collection. We will be sharing our journey across our site and social media. We hope you join us on the journey and be apart of all of our future plans!