How to Pack a Funko POP for Maximum Protection



We have all been there. It's been a few days since you placed the order for that hard to find chase variant. You come home to find a package waiting for you. After carefully cutting into it with surgical precision, you find a Funko POP! that was poorly packed, and and did not survive the journey. The corners are crumpled and torn. Your $30.00 Facebook Jim Halpert Chase is forever damaged. With only a little bit of effort and a small hit to profits, this relic would have been well protected during its travels and shined along with the rest of the collection.

 Maybe your trimming down your collection, or began a side hustle selling on Facebook Marketplace. Maybe your a retailer who continues to receive complaints from angry collectors regarding their damaged Funko POP!'s, and you don't yet understand the value that us collectors place on our treasures, and how important it is to us that they arrive in the best condition possible. Either way, lets learn together how to effectively pack a Funko POP for safe travels to keep customers happy, without completely going broke. We will start with the supplies:

Stuff to get the job done:

  • 9x6x4 Corrugated Boxes
  • Packaging Tape
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Tissue Paper (Branded Optional)
  • Thank You card (Optional, but highly recommended)

Preparing and Protecting

Presentation really does go a long way, just make sure its safe. We use one piece of branded tissue paper laid out flat.

Funko POP face down on green tissue paper

Fold the ends of the paper over to the Funko POP as you would a gift, and tape it down.

Funko POP wrapped in green tissue paper

Use the excess paper on the top and bottom as padding. We still try to fold these as neat as possible and place a single piece of tape tape to hold the excess paper down. This extra fluff with add bulk to the finished product to keep it from moving around in our box too much.

Funko POP completely wrapped in paper

Once we add our second line of defense, we will be ready for the finishing touches.

Bubble Wrap

Position the Funko face down on your bubble wrap with enough on the left side to to fold over the right side.

Funko wrapped in paper on bubble wrap

Roll the Funko to your right so that the bubble wrap is tucked underneath. Roll until the Funko is Face up again. This uses three 12x12 sections of Scotts Bubble Cusion.

Funko Completely wrapped in bubble wrap

Apply 3 pieces of scotch tape to the corners and middle of the other loose end to fasten it. Just like the tissue, use the excess bubble wrap to pad the top and bottom to add some more cushion for the trop.

Funko Completely Wrapped in Bubble wrap and taped down

Gently place the finished product in the box, and top with a packing slip and thank you card. Tape it up and slap on your shipping label and your all set!

Funko POP Wrapped and in box

We did it! This Funko POP! is packed and ready to ride to its new home. You put in the effort, and it should arrive safe and sound to a happy customer. A collector who has a special place cleared out and ready. Someone who will not be disappointed with the extra attention you payed to their treasure. 

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